Art and Entertainment

20.03.2012 [12:10]
The Gambia has created few artistic ethnographic objects. Most villages had blacksmith-craftsmen, but the cultural area with huge expertise stretching across the generations and down through the centuries was that of music and oral traditions. Musicians played drums and the kora (a complex stringed instrument). Griots, storytellers and poets who preserved knowledge of ancestors and of oral traditions, were vital guardians of the culture.

However, recent decades have seen a sudden blossoming in the visual arts and the emergence of a number of internationally respected artists.There are four really well-known Gambian visual artists who have exhibited widely, both within The Gambia and internationally.
  • Njogu Touray
  • Momodou Ceesay, painter and printmaker
  • Alhajie Bubacarr Badgie, a well-known painter
  • Edrisa Jobe, a painter